Automotive Email Marketing

Pair with direct mail to increase communication frequency.

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Email Marketing

How many unread emails do you have in your inbox… hundreds right? As a normal consumer, people are beginning to ignore more and more messaging every day. The reason this is happening, is because people have been submitting their emails to hundreds or thousands of companies for years. It’s very easy to get lost in a sea of emails unless you achieve one CRITICAL objective: BE RELEVANT.

Our Email Marketing strategy replicates direct mail and display advertising to familiarize the consumer with your brand and create additional relevant messaging. We are also able to alert the consumer that they will be receiving direct mail offers for THEIR VEHICLE. This will drive immediate traffic to your website, drive phone calls, and appointments to your CRM.

Follow Up Email

Now that we’ve planted the seed and your consumer is interested in shopping with you, a follow up email is sent shortly after the first email and direct mail pieces were received. This email has a stronger incentive than the first email and they are being alerted of their “final notice” status.

Car-shoppers spend around 14 hours doing car research on average, so by reaching a consumer multiple times within a month, you will most certainly stay at top of mind.

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